"At the end of the day I walked away feeling like it was a good session, one that our team definitely needed, even though it was difficult. Your facilitation approach was personal, approachable and kind. I think that is your greatest strength. Along with the wealth of knowledge you bring to the table." - Sarah, Collaboration partner

"Jo-Anne you really challenged me today. I didn't want to address my fears but you made me feel safe to do so and I now have a new awareness of where my need for perfection might be both positive and negative for me!" - Christine, Team manager

"Your coaching was a game changer for me. You opened my mind to options I thought I never had. You asked me great questions that helped me see a different perspective. Your open and common sense approach was refreshing and allowed me to think outside the box and question myself intrinsically" - Bradley, Senior executive

"Hello Jo-Anne, I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work and support. I came into work today with a different perspective as a result of our time together and feel so positive and so excited about our group's new direction!" - Courtney, Senior executive