Reframe Your Life is a podcast specifically for women who have had a little life experience: we know who we are and we our well on our way in terms of having already made some major life decisions (you won't hear us discussing child care or furnishing your first apartment).

We are focused on supporting women to lead their best lives. Whether you are leading yourself, your family or your team at work or in business, you will hear us discuss everything from fear, values, resilience, relationships, reality, transformation, leadership and more.

I publish the podcast with my friend and colleague Sandy Reynolds. We have a great time researching, learning, challenging and discussing our thoughts and opinions. Our episodes include dialogue amongst ourselves and we also interview people who have had to reframe their mindset, take action and reframe their lives to achieve their dreams. 

Our hope is that we inspire other women (and men can listen too!) to alter their mindset, get clear on what they need to do to lead their lives and take action to do it.