Coaching is a collaborative relationship where the coach helps the leader assess their values, gifts, fears and areas for development, to identify action steps that bring about sustained behavioural change helping leaders reach their goals and be successful.

If you have tried to change your behaviour and develop a new habit, you know it is hard to do. It takes effort, focus and intention and when times are busy or you are stressed, it is easier to rely on your natural way of being. However, the challenge you need to address or the skill you need to develop will always be there, until consistent action is taken.

This is where coaching can help.

Behavioural psychologist James Clear has conducted research on how long it takes to develop a new skill or habit. He concluded an average of 2 months to develop a habit, and this varies depending on what the habit is you are trying to form.

Coaching is a form of development where the coach supports the learner to meet their specific personal or professional goal. Coaches are future-focused and help leaders discover their own path of learning and development to build effective teams and live the life they desire.

As your coach, I will help you to:

  • Learn about your preferred personality style,

  • Identify your individual values that focus your actions,

  • Uncover your gifts and areas for development,

  • Identify behavioural patterns and triggers that might be holding you back,

  • Learn new management and leadership skills, and

  • Take action to develop new behaviours for leading your best life and building effective teams.

And I will promise to:

  • Develop a trusting relationship so you feel safe to explore your strengths and areas for development,

  • Keep you focused and hold you accountable to take the action you decide take, so you see real change,

  • Challenge you when you make excuses and blame others,

  • Be a confidante and a sounding board, and

  • Be committed to your leadership development so you start to see results immediately.

Consider coaching if you are:

  • Stuck, not achieving your goals, not enjoying life, and want help to move forward

  • Faced with a significant increase in organizational change or responsibility

  • A leader who wants to build an effective high performing team or organization

  • An executive who needs to develop, articulate, and sell a new vision and strategic direction for your organization

  • A traditional manager who wants to move to a less dominate or directive leadership style

  • A task oriented manager who wants to develop interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills