Team Development.

Teams can be made up of people in the same roles, multi-disciplinary teams or individuals from different organizations coming together to work on a shared goal. Effective teams have relationships of trust, a shared commitment and purpose, mutual accountability to achieving goals and complementary skills that will help them get there. True teams rely on each other for shared success.

High performing teams need the following to be effective:

  • Team norms for working together

  • Clear goals

  • Decision-making process

  • Clear actions and agreements

  • Conflict resolution process

  • Facilitated meetings that generate action

  • Communication strategies

  • Creating accountability and responsibility

  • Ways to celebrate success

I work with team leaders to help them build effective teams. This work includes:

  • Meetings with team leader to discuss current situation and review options

  • A team assessment which can include individual meetings, surveys and/or focus groups

  • Designing and implementing team strategies which can include team retreat, team or individual training and/or coaching

  • Developing a final report including recommendations and action plans as appropriate

Strategic Planning.

A strategic plan defines an organization’s future direction and guides its journey to success. It addresses the following questions:

  • Where are we now?

  • Where are we going?

  • How will we get there?

I use a strengths based approach to strategic planning to help the group or organization review their strengths, opportunities, aspirations and the results they want to achieve. Each strategic planning process is tailored to the organization. It can include training as well as extensive consultation with staff and stakeholders.