Turning Mountains into Molehills

The Three Sisters, Canmore

The Three Sisters, Canmore

This week I’m lucky enough to be staying in the Rocky Mountains and they have inspired me to reflect on the biggest challenges I have overcome in my life, and how I have overcome them. Now don’t get me wrong, overcoming them hasn’t been easy... 

There were many times I was stuck – the mountain was too large and I did not believe I could conquer it – I was not going anywhere. In order to move to action, I had to turn the mountain into a number of smaller molehills I could conquer. Here are the steps I took, that you can do too:

  1. Define your end goal. What are you trying to achieve in your situation? What does success look and feel like to you? Be specific so you can measure it!
  2. Break this huge goal into smaller sub-goals. You can break these down by time or logical project achievements. For example, if your goal is going to take 6 months to achieve, what do you need to have achieved in 3 months’ time? If you goal is to write a report, break it down and specify a goal for each section of the report.
  3. Write your list of actions you need to complete to successfully achieve each sub-goal. To get you started, ask yourself – what is the first action I need to take? That first action gets the ball rolling. Build momentum from there. 
  4. Grab your calendar and schedule those tasks. I mean block the time in your calendar to complete them. If you don’t schedule them, they likely won’t get done. Also scheduling them helps you to revisit and clarify your timeline. 
  5. Engage an accountability partner to help you. Being accountable means accepting responsibility for your actions and staying true to your commitments. An accountability partner is someone who will support and coach you, holding your accountable to your actions. Let them know what you are trying to achieve, your plan and make a regular time for a check-in. 
  6. Establish milestones and celebrate success along the way. Many times we measure our success only by our achievement of our final goal. Include milestone successes you can celebrate throughout your project. This helps to give you a positive mental health break by celebrating your milestone, and further motivates you to keep going.

What goal do you have in your life that appears as a mountain right now? What is one action you can take today to move one step closer to that goal? Whether it be personal goal, leadership development goal, educational goal, or a business goal, write it down and take the time to reflect and build a plan to turn it into a molehill today!

Good luck with your climb. I am here if you need me to support you in your journey.