Leading teams can be difficult and hard to do but when done effectively, it is very rewarding. You need both management and leadership skills and abilities to do this well. Effective managers coordinate, plan and organize work, while effective leaders inspire, motivate and empower people.

Management skill is in developing processes, systems, standards, structures and executing plans. Leaders focus engaging the hearts and minds of people. Leaders do this by building teams and trusting relationships. They enroll people into achieving a vision, innovate and challenge the status quo, have integrity to do the right thing and focus on building power in the team, rather than an individual. When leading a team or organization, all these skills are needed to be effective.

None of us has all these skills naturally. Everyone has areas for development and new skills to learn. New managers need to develop their management skill and seasoned managers need to learn how to be effective leaders. It takes putting the ego aside to recognize what skills might be missing for you. It takes courage to practice to become a better leader in your organization. This is what I call your leadership journey. It is an ongoing journey because we are all different and unique, which is what makes us special. If you decide to take this journey, it will result in you achieving organizational goals as well as developing an engaged, enthusiastic, innovative and empowered team.

Let me introduce myself...

Hi, I’m Jo-Anne and I know from first hand experience how challenging it is to manage work and lead people. I am passionate about leadership - leadership as a function, rather than a position. My mission is to support individuals to develop their individual leadership skill, and help them build high performing teams to achieve positive results for their organizations. Whether you lead a team, are part of a team or engaged in a community group, individuals leadership is essential. 

I am a native Australian, have lived in England, and now I call Canada home. Moving countries, leading teams of diverse experience and backgrounds and holding leadership positions in different industries including government, non-profit and large and small corporations, has helped me understand relationships are the key to everything. When we develop great team relationships based on trust, setting clear expectations and effective communication strategies, we can lead teams to achieve their goals and positive results.

My education credentials include a Master of Arts in Leadership and I'm a certified fitness instructor for fun! I'm an extroverted, expressive and creative thinker, like to help people, don't mind asking those challenging questions, have an engaging sense of humour and like work to be fun. I lead my life and business through my personal values of courage, collaboration, integrity, accountability, relationships, trust and balance. Intrigued? Connect with me today and I would love to chat with you to see how I can support you in your leadership journey. 

Also, here is a values exercise you can do to learn more about yourself and your values. Values at the foundation of leadership, when we lead through our values, we feel more satisfied, energized and happy with life. 

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