Individual Leadership


Develop your individual leadership skills and capacity through coaching programs designed to help you identify self-awareness, goals and actions. These programs are for individuals interested in personal leadership development. Check out One-to-One CoachingThe Empowerment Dynamic and my Reframe Your Life podcast.

Team & Organization Leadership


If you lead teams and organizations you know how challenging this role is. It is hard to balance the needs of individuals in your team with the needs of your organization. My coaching and training services offer you the opportunity to develop skills, and practical strategies to help get time back in your day and effectively lead your team. Check out my Team Training, One-to-One Coaching, Facilitation and Speaking programs.

Collaborative Leadership


More and more non-profit organizations are being asked to collaborate with each other to offer services and supports to the community. Effective collaboration is time consuming, it takes significant effort in developing trusting relationships and relinquishing turf to be done effectively. Through my experience with collaboration I can provide you with tools and tips to help you first decide if collaborative is the best way or working for your organization, and to establish collaborative relationships that help you meet your end goals. Check out my FacilitationSpeaking and Team Training programs.